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It turns out that's a really good question and the answer is: She's a couple of things. We may not know a ton about her and NTW's backstory together, or where Yukio actually came from, but we know flat out that they're dating and we'll absolutely take it.

It's really about time. Beyond her representational status, we get to see Yukio on screen be a pretty bubbly addition to the X-Mansion. She's not exactly the most verbose mutant around, but she seems pretty unbothered by Wade's presence, which makes her a standout among her teammates, who really would rather be anywhere but near him. Wade seems to like her, too--or maybe he's just happy to finally have an X-Man who isn't constantly on his case.

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When Yukio was first announced and shown in the trailers we weren't given an official character name, just the actor, Shioli Kutsuna. Fans guessed that she was actually the mutant named Surge because of a clip featuring her swinging what looked like an electrified chain. Surge, over in the comics, is a Japanese mutant named Noriko Ashida and she--surprise! Obviously, now that we know Yukio is not in fact named Noriko, the Surge comparison starts to get a little thin.

Not only do the names not match, but Yukio's costume doesn't resemble Surge's uniform at all--no cool looking robot gauntlets to be found. That wouldn't necessarily be a dealbreaker, since costume updates for live action adaptations happen all the time, but given how no other pieces were falling into place, it seemed like pretty definitive answer.

At least, she's not really Surge. We don't get a great look at Yukio's personality or mutation in Deadpool 2 , but they obviously have something to do with electricity, or maybe even technology, given how she and NTW enable Wade's post-credits craziness. So it's probably a safe bet that Yukio's pulling a considerable amount of inspiration for Surge but, very likely, was the victim of some sort of rights issue when making the transition from page to screen. Despite her relative obscurity in the scope of Marvel's mutant roster, Yukio became a pretty endearing side character for a decent amount of the X-Men's adventures through the '90s, even going as far as to be one of the in-universe inspirations for Storm's iconic mohawk look and costume update.

She was also a key player in the bulk of Logan's storylines involving his oft-forgotten wife, Mariko Yashida, and adoptive family.

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She even got her very own live action incarnation back in in The Wolverine , played by Rila Fukushima. Clearly Deadpool 2's Yukio isn't exactly that character either. As far as we know, she has no connection to Logan and no history as a wandering samurai thief though, hey, maybe she does? I enjoy taking myself out of my comfort zone, whether it is the subject matter or the physicality the character has to face. When I have time, I love reading — especially manga — and trying to spend as much time with my family and close friends as possible. It would make things a lot easier.

Sometimes, questions that you may want to ask will not have to be asked. Do you have a dream role or a director you would love to work with? And how do you usually prepare for a role? How would you describe your sense of style?

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What makes you say yes to a project? Apart from acting, where else do you find fulfilment?

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