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I had drunken sex twice within my first six months at work. Both hook-ups occurred on the job, while I was entertaining customers. The first guy was a friend and colleague, Max. Basically, I was downing whatever was being offered to me. After that, my memory is an utter blank. The next thing I knew, it was morning.

What a birthday present. Why else would I have been in bed with him? Things were awkward for the next few days. We still had to face each other at work, where I avoided talking to him too much. I wanted to draw a line. A few days later, we both sat down and had a talk about what happened.

We agreed that it would be nothing more than a one-night stand. In fact, we grew closer after the incident. My second brush with party sex turned out to be my last. It was with a former flame, Eric. He worked as a DJ and, coincidentally, was invited to spin at the club I was working at. I was tasked to host him that night. Just like the first time, I drank like a fish while working and mingling with customers, and ended up drunk.

That, combined with whatever lingering feelings Eric and I had for each other, resulted in me spending the night at his place. I woke up the next morning with no memories of the previous night, and Eric lying next to me. He had a flight home to catch, so he quickly packed and we left. I was more worried about getting pregnant. I was scared and spent the next month worrying about whether anything would happen. I would check my calendar, counting down to the week when my period was roughly due. The day it finally came, I was so relieved. After that scare, I decided to put a stop to my behaviour.

While no one had said anything, I felt it was getting bad for my image. Secondly, it was unprofessional as I had technically hooked up when I was at work on both nights. I consider myself to be average looking. When I entered uni, I found it quite difficult to hook up in Campus. I was having more luck with girls during my NS days. I stayed at PGP throughout my uni life, which was essentially a dead place. My guy friends from halls invited me frequently for drinking sessions with their friends. I recall being touchy with several girls during the drinking and clubbing after. Most Hall girls are cute and have this bubbly vibe.

I found them adventurous and fun in general. Once after clubbing, this girl brought me back to her room at KR. Before entering her room, I excused myself to the bathroom to freshen up. When I stepped into her room, she had changed out of that cute dress she was wearing, into her FBTs and singlet. This unfortunately, was a turnoff for me. For me, foreplay is important as it enhances that sensual environment. We tried making out, but she was too tipsy from the way her body moved.

I left shortly after tucking her into bed. That was the closest I got to hooking up the whole semester. The following semester, I took two classes at U-town.

Clubbing In Singapore: What Leads To Sex After, Says This Gal

I was surprised to see so many exchange students there. I found the girls to be friendly as they would say hi to me in Lectures and often smile casually at me. However, I always felt that Caucasian girls were not my type even though some were attractive and very good looking. One afternoon, I spotted this really cute girl at the U town Bus stop, Golden hair, petite with beautiful eyes. After contemplating for a good 5 minutes, I approached her, introduced myself and started a conversation.

If you are not on any guest list or not planning to open a bottle, expect to queue and to be treated as a second-rank guest. There are a lot of girls, some of whom are semi-professional. Lots of expats in their late 20s as well. Shirts for guys and high heels for girls. Open Wednesday until 5am and on weekends until 6am. Avoid if you are alone and poor.

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Rn'B or house depending on the night. The music is commercial hip hop, dance and Top It is a bit more quiet but you also have live music and DJs on weekends. Just 2 floors below, Altimate is an indoor nightclub with a pax capacity. The music is commercial: EDM, clubbing anthems, Top The crowd is mostly local. Not far from Altimate, Canvas is considered the "alternative" nightclub of Singapore.

It is an art space during the day and a relatively busy nightclub at night. Most customers are regulars.

It seems popular with the LGBT crowd as well. The music is non-commercial and eclectic. They often have guest DJ playing just about every genre techno, house, electro, minimal, drum and bass, dubstep, etc. They also have live bands and comedy shows. My advice is to check what is the program before visiting to avoid bad surprises. Ladies night on Thursday with free flow vodka from 10pm to 1am. The first Fashion-TV-branded nightclub, it has two rooms: Girls get a record of 12 free drinks on ladies night.

Same group as Bang Bang. Mostly for Singaporeans who prefer clubbing within their own. Open only on Friday and Saturday. Avoid if you are alone. The DJs play mostly clubbing anthems. Next to it, Penthouse is a more private club. Headquarters by the Council. An underground nightclub, Berlin-style, featuring techno and minimal DJs. Very small but great vibe if you are into that kind of stuff. European crowd and particularly French. It is already quite popular, especially after it received the patronage of Selena Gomez. Their ladies night on Wednesday is very generous with free champagne, gifts and male gogo dancers.

Cheryl Chiew

They currently have two ladies night, one of which on Saturday. Special discounts for flight attendants.

Same management as Bang Bang and Suite 26, in partnership with the Neverland group, which is behind several Asian-style clubs in Malaysia and Singapore. Sexy dancers and shows. They are open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday with different events every night. They often welcome foreign DJs and bands, particularly Japanese ones.

Do check their Facebook before heading there as they don't have a regular schedule. Open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Hip Hop Nightclubs in Singapore. Its DJs includes some of the most famous acts in the city, playing trap, Rn'B, old school and funk.

They also welcome international acts. It is has a cool, flashy, retro design, that seems popular among girls. There used to be a hip hop nightclub called Refuge, opened by the same group behind Kyo, but it closed in June Some of the biggest Singapore nightclubs have dedicated hip hop rooms: Attica, Zouk, F Club and Baliza.

After-Hour Clubbing in Singapore. Trendy Bars, Speakeasies, Cocktails Lounges. Brewery and Craft Beer Bars. There is a growing number of local brewery and craft beer pubs in Singapore. Level 33 , a spectacular rooftop also brews its own beer. Live Music in Singapore. Many bars there have a live band, especially on weekends, so it won't be too hard to find. If you are looking for something more specific, here are a few suggestions: They often have foreign musicians. Jam sessions on Sundays. Apart from jazz, they have world music and sometimes a DJ. Latin Cuba Libre has a live band from Monday to Saturday playing latin music for salsa or bachata dancing.

The maximum building height in Singapore is limited to meters. In the same building you also have the Altimate nightclub and Stellar restaurant. It is the most ethnically diverse place I've been to in Singapore, with younger and older people from all over the world. There is a swimming pool as well but only for hotel guests or members.

6 Girls Share Their One-night Stand Disaster Stories - CLEO Singapore

To enjoy the best view, you should call them ahead and book a table outside on the terrace. The following rooftop bars are also recommended, even though they don't have a truly impressive view: Cheaper Nightlife in Singapore. Until about a year ago, international students used to gather on Read Bridge, "The Bridge", near Clarke Quay, where it was permitted to drink in public. This is no longer the case but you still have a few options to party on a budget.

Pre-Party Drinks You should always buy a bottle at a duty free shop in the airport, and drink a few glasses from it before heading out. Cheap Bars in Singapore These are the famous cheap bars in Singapore I'm linking to their Facebook where you'll see the updated promotions: Prince of Wales , a famous backpacker pub on Boat Quay.

It is always crowded and it has daily events live music, sport, quiz nights, etc. There is also a branch in Little India.