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    com Account please allow a small fee.

    Before you can finish with the registration, you have to verify first that you own the email address and that it works. The site flashes a help message on the pop-up asking the person to check his or her spam folder.

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    6. It is possible that the email account tags the message as spam just because it came from a social networking type of site. It also requires the new member to provide some personal details such as Gender. Birthday, postal code, email, and password. For the name, it is highly recommended by the site that you first use your nickname--whatever you like.

      Basic information such as age, gender, nickname, and location are always found on the profile because it is required during sign up. The only difference is probably the essay type self-description 'About Me' in every profile. There is also the "Appearance and Lifestyle" section where you can tick boxes and answer simple questions to help you describe yourself.

      This information is then stored to your profile to enable the "Quiz-Matching" feature. This feature lets members of UniformDating check their compatibility rate to help gauge if you like each other. The more similarities you have with one another, the higher is your compatibility rate. Even if you do not have a high compatibility rate, the dating site will still let you chat and flirt with one another if you like. Questions about the appearance and lifestyle include hair color, eye color, height, build, ethnicity, star sign, profession, income, education, religion, family status, etc.

      At first glance, you will notice that most of UniformDating's members just don't have profile pictures. The reason behind is their strict photo verification process. Every photo uploaded into the site is being checked for nudity and other violations. They are just tight in implementing this rule because most of their users belong in the law enforcement and military sector.

      This policy makes it harder to pinpoint who the real profiles are from the fake ones. Most of the members are actively replying when sent something. Say, a message or just a gift. However, most members are in autoreply mode. It is another barrier to separate real people from fake ones. The best you can do is to rely on the information presented on their profiles. Real people who like join for love put effort into making their profiles appear with more personality.

      On the other hand, fake profiles are almost empty. UniformDating gives its members several ways to contact each other.

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      Aside from the traditional messaging feature, members can talk to each other via a chat function. There is also a live group chatroom for multiple members. A flirt feature is also available.

      To use this, you only need to click on "Flirt" beside the heart icon found at the other members' profiles. Another way of interacting with members is sending of gifts. You can do this in bulk on the search screen. You can also choose to send one gift to only one person. It is your choice. Gifts vary from ice teddy bears, sweets, and food. The communication options are more than enough for you to find people, but it can only be maximized if you have a paid membership account.

      Standard or free memberships only offer "flirting" and gifting. Primary communication options such as message, chat, and live group chat needs payment for you to proceed. Unlock messaging, chat, and live chat functionalities. If you want to receive more messages, use this feature to let non-paying members read and reply to your messages and contact you first with no cost to them. Get more attention and communication when you have your profile highlighted in search results and stand out from the crowd.

      One thing noticeable with UniformDating's design is its overwhelming number of text that appears on the home screen after sign up. Most functionalities are also duplicated, triplicated in different locations. For instance, the search functions can be found under several tabs of the dating site including home and search itself. It can be a good thing depending on a person's preference. However, it can overwhelm people who are not always using the internet.

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      It also clutters the screen because you see a lot of information at once. Despite this, the design may match UniformDating's target groups needs. People who belong to law enforcement usually do not have much time and are always on the go. The home screen may have a bit of clutter because it holds so much information, it can be an advantage for people who are always in a hurry like their target group.

      All of the functionalities available in the website version are available for the app version. The only difference is that the app is more compact and easier to use than the website version. Through the app, you can also send messages, chat, and join in live chatrooms.

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      You can also manage your account settings inside the app. Uploading photos are also easier because you can open your phone camera if you want a more updated photo to upload. You will receive notifications when someone messages you in the app if you are using an Apple device. For Android and other types of devices, the app version is available through m. It functions similarly to the Apple version of the app, but you have to access it using an app browser Safari, Chrome, Browser App, etc. It also works just as good. The photos of other members also appear to be bigger inside the app--a plus point if you have bad eyes.

      Profile photos tend to look smaller in the website version unless you click to view the whole profile. The registration went smoothly despite having a few troubles with the email verification. This is entirely my fault because I did not notice the reminder they flashed on the screen while waiting in my inbox.