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Arrests for drugs and assault. Reply Phillip April 4, I signed up for this service and my account was suspended. I was on for only 5 minute and just post a picture of myself posing with my tattoo.

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Whats your price would NOT refund your credits if no response. If you initiated a date. If you pay and offer for date. Than you expect a date. That is what we as customers do. They use credit you for no response. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The list will update regularly to ensure the information on this website is new and true.

The last update date is January 1, Faithswt June 22, Nunna Yobidness June 18, Like a moron I joined the site. Phillip April 4, I signed up for this service and my account was suspended.

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I did not as anything graphic. I created a profile but they kept denying my photos. How am I supposed to get a date if I can't have photos? They suspended my account for pointing out a fake account.

Sure, I wasn't nice, but the person took my credits and stood me up. Later, I found out the person was just trolling me.

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The website suspended my account and took my money. This website allows Prostitutes. I met a few of them. This website is all about business transactions. Most of the girls just want as much money for your date and then move on to the next transaction. So its all about money to them. If these girls nickle and dime you for a dollar then they deserve to be taken to a cheap fast food restaurant instead of the fancy red white dining. They aren't there to genuinely date and try find a guy for love.

Sad how this website is setup.

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These gold diggers are shallow. Maybe someone should invent a website "The Price is Right" and have these gold digger hoes list themselves a price for wasting people's time and money. Not because there aren't a lot of real women on there. First of allwhat is wrong with you?

You complain about escorts but what else do you expect? Let them do their thing and if you don't want; don't buy! For the girls just talking and no action There is no way a chick would sign up for this shady af hook up site if she wasn't DTF, ok? You blew it because you're a gross human being who's bad attitude does not match his mediocre face: It's a nice simple website, easy to figure out, all biz. Plenty of nice people on there. Sorry that you couldn't scorebut from reading your pouty little boy tantrum reviews I can see why.

I have a hot date with a super sweet guy next weekend who asked me what I wanted, granted it immediately, told me I was beautiful and that he was lucky, and most of alldidn't make me feel like he resented me or that I owed him something.

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Take a note and do the same to some other women! If they aren't for you, wish them good luck and move along. Start to be empathetic to women. We are people too. I know men can do better.

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They suspended my account and took my money. This is fraud at it's finest. On top of that. I caught them using a profile that was old. I knew the woman personally and she hasn't been on the site in years, but the site reactivated her and keeps her active in the search engines. What does that tell ya? Scammers to get you to spend credits. Stay away from this. I presume these are fake profiles the company uses for stealing credits.

In summary , you'll get about offers in 8 months , 50 of them will be attractive enough to reward for their company , 45 of those 50 won't set up a meeting after accepting their offer, 5 you will actually meet , 3 of those had no further interest other than getting paid to dine with you , leaving 2 of incredibly beautiful , young women who want to develop a serious intimate relationship with you , and that probably makes it worth all the troubles.

Very unprofesional and will charge your card even if you cancel. I paid them just to get them out of my hair but they are thugs from who know what country in the end. Signed up for a profile, didnt get a chance to fill out a profile or add any pictures that day. Tried to login about a week later, and it says cannot login and to contact customer support. Hmmm sounds fishy to me. Wouldnt be surprised if this site is just a money laundering cover up.

The website seems to hire lots of individuals to open fake profiles. Since men have to pay to unlock messages, the fake profile user will pose as a prospect making you unlock over and over till your credits run out.

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Cannot trust the website anymore, go somewhere else. M, 6ft, 56, slim, well dressed. Full of fakes you have to weed out first. Once you've done that and established normal conversation and general interest in each other online, move towards phone conversation.

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I meet in a very public and classy space, star hotel bar or lounge close to my home or hotel room. I've stopped doing the dinner or drinks only dates entirely now. But it takes patience, attention, kindness, relating and being a gentleman to make the ladies feel at ease and loved Your online profile, your description, the online conversation and phone calls must all be aligned and match exactly what the lady will experience when she meets you for the first time I don't know whose idea it was or what they had in mind with the site..

You may have a one in chance of landing somebody that you like for a relationship if you are sociable and marketable enough.. Maybe 1 in if you're not! Even so, by breaking it down. To begin the conversation with someone you have to spend credits..